Anna Angel by the fireplace

…by an open fire…Her pink lips nipping at your….

Sorry, but when I saw this latest set of Anna’s that’s exactly what came to mind.

Can you blame me though?? I mean look at her…just relaxing and stretching out by her “Roasting fire” hahaha *Ok, you need to use your imagination here since Anna’s fire is just a TV screen*

Just watch how she writhes and gyrates on that floor…taunting you with what you could get for Christmas if you’ve been a really naughty boy. Anna’s love naughty boys…especially when they’re good naughty boys…cause only good naughty boys can give Anna what she really wants.

So hurry over and give Anna what she wants…your full undivided attention..and you better be standing at attention cause that’s how she likes all her naughty boys
Go and check out her latest set and let yourself feel her fire!!


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